Hobbies: Painting, Video Filming/Editing, Travel, Skateboarding, Taking Photos, Mandolin, Cats. Dogs, Frogs and all Animals.

Projects: – Currently working with Gouache, Acrylic, and Ink on Canvas or Wood Panel. – Investing in a Panasonic AG HVX200 HD Cam.  Admin for Judo Airlines Events Blog  and V4L7EY forum.

This site was created with the main purpose to showcase my paintings, which are done using acrylic, gauche, and sometimes ink, on either canvas or wood panel. You’ll find that I also threw in alot of somewhat relevant photos, tidbits, and dialog, in order for you to learn a little bit more about me if you do not already know me personally. I will write more about the paintings themselves in the future. Thanks for visiting the site and check back for regular updates. Special Thanks for helping me over the years to get my artwork off the ground: Todd Womelsdorf, Megan Bryzinski, Drew Leshko, John Slaby, Lee Stoetzel, Keith Knight, Chris Colins, Andrew Robertson, Craig Tengowski, Ollie Straughter, and Vince Bonitz.


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